Blue Cheese Dip

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime in my twenties I decided to like blue cheese. Funny how you sometimes think you don’t like something and suddenly realize you’ve never actually tried it. That is why I will always taste something at least once before I proclaim disdain for it. So far I only have disdain for fois gras.

I’m fairly certain the fondness for this acquired taste grew out of those college big {a#*} glass nights that are almost always accompanied by a basket of wings…and you can’t lick wing sauce off your fingers without also having a little blue cheese dressing in the corners of your mouth. Also, how would we finish off all those celery sticks if we didn’t have something delicious and creamy to dip them in?

Anyway, wing dressing this dip is not, however, it is a great snack for a cocktail party or other gathering. It’s nice to have something like this dip to fill the “blue-veined cheese” category of a cheese tray…and anyone who knows me, knows how much I adore a good cheese tray!

16 {or so} ounces blue cheese, crumbled and at room temp {my fave is gorgonzola, but any blue cheese is fine}
1 {8oz} package cream cheese, at room temp
1 Tablespoon honey, plus extra for drizzling on top
1/2 cup toasted walnuts or other nut {optional}
Crackers or crudites to serve with

Directions: Mix the cheeses and honey together well, place in a serving bowl, drizzle with a little honey and serve! How easy is that?


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