Everything’s Coming up Roses!

Oh Pinterest. What a delight and a cruel joke wrapped into one, lol. Although I would not admit how many hours I spend on this website {I would be embarrassed to say}, it does allow me to collect great ideas for the times when I do feel like being crafty.

I think I may be one of the few Pinners who actually read the blogs about the pins before I pin them. They must be particularly good to be pinned on one of my boards if they do not have a legit blog or website from which they come. This idea is one of the exceptions to my rule. I thought this cross stitch mural was so “Ab Fab, sweetie darling!” Because I just had the picture to work with, no blog or description on how to “DIY,” I had to start from scratch. So, here is my journey to the cross stitched wall mural, or in this case, the cross stitched painting.

Two pieces of paper {size depending on the size of picture you want}
Yard stick or ruler
Black marker
Paint: four colors in the same hue starting with a very dark one and going to a very light one, and two colors of green: one light and one dark
Paint brush

This is pattern I used:

I started out by carefully using the picture as a guide to my template. Counting stitches until I felt I had the pattern correct. Then, I picked out four flower colors all in the same hue…each one lighter or darker than its mates to make the pallet I needed for this project. Then two colors in the green family to complete the scene.

Use this template to make the pattern on your paper. You have to do the math to figure out your dimensions depending on the size you would like. I used a square inch per stitch to complete my pattern. Then I counted the squares in my pattern and marked them off with a pencil on one of the huge pieces of paper I was using. Using the pencil and the yard stick, I marked my lines/squares for the pattern. Then I went over the lines with a black marker. When that was completed I assigned each color of the pattern a number {1-6, 5&6 being the two green colors.}

Count the number of blocks from the top left of the pattern until you get to the first “stitch” and mark it accordingly on the pattern you have drawn out on the large piece of paper with its number. Complete the pattern by placing all the numbers in the correct boxes on your pattern paper. Use a pencil as you may have to erase if you get off the pattern. When this is done, I went over the number with the black marker. I then placed the other piece of paper over the patterned paper and made sure it was smoothed out and then taped them together, being careful not to place tape on the paper that will be showing after it’s done. You should now be able to see the pattern behind the actual paper the paint will go on.

I started with one color and painted all the stitches of that color {number} until I was done, then let them dry. Move on to each color/number until the pattern is complete! Pretty!!!

Then I removed the back pattern from the painted piece and placed in my extremely large frame. If you do not have a frame for your art, I think hanging it with simple nails in the corners or with clips would be fine too.

Happy “Stitching”!!!


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