Pulled Pork Poppers

Pulled Pork Poppers
How many poppers can a pulled pork peck…er…uhh…how many porkers can a pulled pepper pop?….er…uhh…How many peppers can a porker popper pull? Ahh hell, I’m makin’ poppers! Pulled pork stuffed, bacon-wrapped, cream cheese filled jalapeño pepper poppers! What a mouthful!

A recipe like this makes you feel like you’re up to no good because they are so evil. In a “set your mouth on fire, but can’t stop eating because they are so tasty” kind of way. They’re awesome once you get past the tears welling up in your eyes. And hey, the first bite is the only one that bites back, lol.

Soooo… Join me at midnight in the kitchen of good and evil and let’s get to work!

Enough to serve a bushel and a peck…
16 fresh jalapeños
1 {11oz, or thereabouts} package pulled pork {I used Oscar Meyer Carving Station Pulled Pork}
1 {8oz} package cream cheese
1 package bacon

Combine the pulled pork and cream cheese and mix together well. Cut a slit down the length of the jalapeños and scrape out the seeds and veins. Stuff with the pork and cream cheese mixture. Wrap with a slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Grill until the bacon is cooked. Serve hot off the grill. They’ll be gone in a flash!


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