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Hot Air Balloon Ornament

I am from this sweet little ‘ole town located {clap, clap, clap, clap} deep in the heart of Texas. Nacogdoches’ claim to fame is that it is the “Oldest Town in Texas.” One thing I can say about my beloved, old home town is how amazing is its community spirit. There are so many people who willingly give of themselves to make not only the town more special, but to look out for their community members as well.

One amazing organization in Nacogdoches is the SFA Friends of the Visual Arts. They organize events and fundraisers to bring art to the community and assist the SFA School of Art.

Hooked on Art, one of the scholarship fundraisers they hold annually, is a fun way to add a little art to the rest of our holiday cheer. Artists both from the School of Art and the community donate original works of art in the form of holiday ornaments.

This year I had a bright idea {Bing!..as a light bulb switches on above my head} to make a hot air balloon ornament out of a light bulb. It came out very cool and I thought I would share the process of making this ornament so you can make your own Christmas masterpiece!

Light bulb {I used a GE Reveal Clear, G25 Bulb}
Stain glass paint {I used the Martha Stewart spray paint kit with colors thai hibiscus and sweetgrass}
Paint pen {I used gold}
Tiny basket {I used a little basket from the dollhouse section of the craft store}
Mini tassels {cut down to the length of your basket}
5 decorative medallions or buttons {I found some snowflakes}
Clear glitter {optional}
Gel glue
Hot glue

Paint the tiny basket. I painted mine gold.

Decide on a pattern for the light bulb. I just did simple vertical stripes in three colors {red, green and gold.} Use the paint pen to draw an outline of the pattern. I used the tape to draw straight lines with the gold paint pen.

I placed a piece of tape down the center of a light bulb and drew a line.

Balloon Ornament

Then, I placed a piece of tape perpendicular to the previous line and drew a line there.

Balloon Ornament2

I repeated this method to make two lines in between the original lines. This gave me 12 stripes down the light bulb.

When all the lines are drawn, you place tape along the gold line to block off all sections except the areas where you want to add a color.

Balloon Ornament3

Let the colors dry fully before you paint the next color. Make sure it is completely dry so the tape does not pull off the paint.

I used a vase to hold the light bulb while it dried.

Balloon Ornament4

Repeat the process for all the colors. I used two stained glass colors and the gold paint pen for the third.

When all the colors are done you can brush on the {clear} gel glue and then sprinkle with glitter if you want a “snowy” effect.

Paint the screw part of the lightbulb as well.

When the light bulb is completely dry, you can begin the next steps to complete the hot air balloon.

Heat the glue gun.

Tie strings of the cording to the basket on four sides. Then, secure the knots with a dab of glue from your glue gun. Hot glue a mini tassel to each side of the basket below the cording. Cut the cording to the length you would like them away from the light bulb. Hot glue the cording to the side of the light bulb and top with a medallion or button.

Cut one more string of the cording to make the ornament “hook.” Hot glue the hook to the top of the light bulb and cover with the last medallion or button.

Voila! Santa’s Other Ride to hang on your Christmas tree!

Here is my ornament amongst the others hanging in the Cole Art Center.

Hooked on Art


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