It’s beginning to look alot like Craftsmas!

Square Wreaths.28

I am really loving these square wreaths I’ve been spotting this holiday season! They’re a little bit different and great way to bring a modern touch to traditional decorations. As my dad would say “They’re very…interesting.” Which is code for “Not sure if I like it, but I’m game.” I’m sure he’ll love these though!

Anyway, they look very pretty hanging from this antique breakfront in our living room.

Here is how to DIY:

Two inexpensive frames
Thin, simple garland {mine was 18 feet long and I had plenty, about half, left over}
About 8-10 feet of ribbon
Glue gun and sticks {I think I went through about 6 sticks}
Removable hooks {I used Command brand hooks}

Square Wreaths4

Remove the glass, backing, etc. from the frame and discard.

Measure two length of ribbon for the “hooks” of the wreath, with a little extra to account for the knot you will tie at the end. Mine were about two feet long each.

Square Wreaths11

Glue the ribbon to the frame in the middle of the top of the wreath on the front and back of the frame.

Square Wreaths.12

Measure two lengths of the garland to one side of the frame and cut {I used two because my garland was thin, if yours is thicker, one may be enough for each side of the wreath.}

Square Wreaths.15

Repeat the process for the next side of the frame. Make sure the garland is going in the same direction all around the wreath.

Square Wreaths.17

Repeat the process until the entire frame is covered. Trim any excess garland ends if needed.

Square Wreaths.19

Tie a bow to the top of the wreath by tying a bow around the “hook” at the top of the wreath.

Square Wreaths.21

Place a removable hook up-side down on the back of the cabinet from which you will hang your wreaths. Hang the wreaths and enjoy your handywork!

Square Wreaths.22


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