Candy Cane Card Holders


I used to always forget to make food labels for my cocktail parties or catered events until the very last minute. With so little time, they would never be as decorative or fancy as I wanted them to be. Now, I try to remember to make them way in advance. Once I nail down my menu, I can go ahead a print up labels. It adds a special touch to the food presentation.

These candy cane food card holders are perfect for your holiday gatherings! They could also be used to hold place setting cards or pictures. So cute!

Also, I would have printed the food name, but I just moved and darned if I can’t find that pesky printer, so I wrote them out. Printing them would make them look more polished.

DIY Candy Cane Card Holders:
Candy Canes
Glue gun and glue sticks
Decorative paper
Card stock
Double sided tape
Marker {Unless printing the labels}
Paper cutter


Hot glue two candy canes to each other in about a 45 degree angle. Then, glue the third to the back in the middle of the two front candy canes. I found that if the back candy cane is slightly higher than the two front candy canes, it makes them lean slightly backwards like a little easel. FYI: I left the candy canes in their wrappers. Just be sure to glue down any excess wrapper hanging off the ends.

Cut the first decorative paper to size. Repeat for however many labels you are making. Then, cut the second decorative paper {which will go on top of the first} slightly smaller and repeat for the number of labels. Then repeat the process for the white card stock, slighty smaller than the second decorative paper.

CC Card Holders3

I rounded the corners of mine…


Tape all three layers of paper together. Then, simply write out your labels {unless you printed them on the card stock before cutting them out. Stick into the candy cane holders and voila! Candy cane card holders!



2 responses to “Candy Cane Card Holders

  1. Kerry, I tried to make those last year, but I failed to include the third candy cane. Now I understand why they wouldn’t stand up! I’m enjoying reading your blog, and it was great to see you at HOA!


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