Guest Post: Map Pendant Necklace

Happy New Year!

With all the excitement and hullabaloo that took place last night I can barely put together a sentence, much less a blog post. Thankfully, Kayli from Head Over Heels has shared this wonderful DIY with us. Kayli has a special knack for home decor, special trinkets and treasures and for being an absolute hostess with the mostess! If you get a chance to visit her blog, you’ll find ways to bring her darling way of life to your home and family. Oh….and don’t forget to visit her Etsy shop to find a one-of-a-kind treasure made by Kayli herself!

map pendant

Guest Post: Map Pendant Necklace

Hi Pork & Periwinkle readers! I’m so excited to be filling in for Kerry today, and I’ll share a simple DIY map pendant necklace for the jet-setter in all of us!

Many of my readers know I’m a “girl in love with the world,” and am in a constant state of wanderlust! My love of travel is what inspired most of the art in my home, like this world map collage  and map mono gram I am always looking out for vintage maps at flea markets, so when found an old atlas FULL of maps, I was thrilled. After thumbing through the pages, dreaming of my future travels, I decided to cut it up (I know…it was hard!) to make cute reminders of my “bucket list” locales.

They were so simple and easy, and here’s what you’ll need.

DIY map chandelier pendant necklace
Fine-print map pages
Acrylic prism chandelier pendant bead (Got mine at Hobby Lobby. Make sure they have a flat back)
Jewelry eye head pin (can be found in the beading section)
Mod podge (glossy)
Silver leafing paint
Liquid leaf leafing paint
Medium paintbrush
Needle nose pliers
Exacto knife
Cutting mat or thick cardboard
Jump ring and necklace chain

1. Tear out your map page.

2. Place your chandelier bead over the city of your choice. The bead will magnify it a bit.


3. Trace the outline of the bottom part of the bead with your Exacto knife on a cutting mat. I used a scrap of corrugated cardboard because I’m cheap resourceful. You may find it easier to trace then cut. You’ll need to trim the edges to fit the back, and be sure to trim so you won’t cover the hole.


4. Mod Podge the back and front and let dry.


5. Paint the back with silver leafing paint and let dry. This hides the back of the map. Or, if it’s pretty, let it show for a two-sided effect.


6. Bead the head pin through the front of the bead. Bend back slightly and leave about 1/8 inch of wire between the eye and the top of the bead. Bend the wire back with pliers and twist the remaining length to coil it around the pin. Attach a jump ring, string on a chain, and you’re done!



This also makes a great gift for those who travel, or to commemorate a favorite place. (Australia is one of mine!) Like what you see, but can’t find the time to make it? I’ve got a few in my Etsy shop. Stop by my blog for more crafty DIYs, vintage-inspired home décor on a budget and more.

Well, now I’m itchin’ to plan my next adventure! Au Revoir!



2 responses to “Guest Post: Map Pendant Necklace

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your design. This is so unique and so easy. I am going to make these for all the girls I shared a fun trip with.

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