Banana {coco}Nut Muffins

Banana-CocoNut Muffins

Here’s the deal…

I love making cupcakes and muffins from scratch, but sometimes you just need something quick and easy. This recipe is just that. I thought it would be good to sub the milk the package directions call for with coconut milk. It gave them a little something extra. After all, the main reason to make these is to create a vehicle to get that yummy cream cheese icing into your mouth. Stat!

2 packages banana nut muffin mix
1 cup canned coconut milk {the mix I used called for ½ cup milk each}
Cream Cheese Icing
Banana chips {optional}

Combine the mixes and coconut milk and mix well. Pour into cupcake liners {or directly into a muffin tin.} Bake according to package directions.} When cooked and cooled, top with cream cheese icing and a banana chips if desired.


Banana-CocoNut Muffins7


Banana-CocoNut Muffins8


Banana-CocoNut Muffins10


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