Gettin’ Crass in the Kitchen & Frame Magnets

Frame Magnets

When I saw these frames on clearance at the craft store, I just had to bring them home to do something with. They’re definitely not my colors, but a little spray paint, some magnets and cute inserts make them right at home on my fridge.

Mini frames
Spray paint {desired color}
Magnets {mine were very cheap, but weak…I would recommend stronger magnets, even if they’re a little pricier}
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Pictures/Phrases cut to frame size

Frame Magnets

Remove the hardware from the back of the frame

Frame Magnets

Spray paint the frames

Frame Magnets

Hot glue magnets to the back
{I learned the hard way when one fell to the floor, broke and I had to
“humpty dumpty” it back together with the glue gun}

This is not enough magnets {if you use these mini, cheap kind}

Frame Magnets

This is more like it, lol

Frame Magnets

Add a cute picture…

Frame Magnets

…Or a phrase
{I find that if you use a frilly front, crass-ness is less offensive}

Frame Magnets

Voila! Cute fridge magnets!

Frame Magnets


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