About P&P

Thank you for visiting Pork & Periwinkle!

I started a food blog, Grub a dub dub, to combine two of my favorite things…cooking and writing. However, I soon realized that this title limited me to sharing only recipes, and I have far too many hobbies to limit my blog solely to cooking. So…   Pork & Periwinkle was born!

On my journey through life with my pug Norm in tow, I share my recipes, diy’s, tips & tricks, and funny stories with all of you. Enjoy!

Below is a picture of me working away in my kitchen. FYI: the sign hanging to the left of me reads “It’s funny until someone gets hurt, Then it’s hilarious.” This picture ran in our local newspaper The Daily Sentinel. Needless to say I received a few snarky remarks from people about it on Facebook later that day. Love it!!!

Kerry Whitsett

This is my beloved pug Norm {Norman Stanley Whitsett.} I almost named him Walter Sobcheck, but  Norm finally won the name off. I adopted him about three years ago and we were instantly a perfect match! He’s an older dog, so he loves to chill, sleep in and eat. But watch out because he is very sarcastic!



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